Greta Penney is a surface designer who creates innovative, thoughtful and color focused pattern and texture designs for a variety of applications. She designs for clients from around the world in fashion, interiors, hospitality, beauty, environmental, health and technology markets.

Greta begins each new project with a thorough research and discovery process and enjoys creating bespoke work that elevates a client’s brand and adds value to their business.

Her designs are informed by current trends and also chart new territory within visual culture—adding original and forward-thinking ideas and techniques to surface design projects.

Greta brings an international and experienced perspective to her work. Her love of pattern and surface originates from her years in North Africa as a child and witnessing the beauty of Moroccan, Berber and Turkish design and decor. Greta also lived and worked in Hong Kong and Spain where she continued to find inspiration via the decorative arts.

Greta is a multi-disciplinary artist and develops designs with an eclectic variety of analogue and digital techniques. She uses sketching, painting and drawing, stamping, watercolor, India ink, collage, scanning, photography, digital software, visualization software and code.


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